Photography - Flo Field
the Insight and idea​​​​​​​
Everyone loves the classic combination of fries and ketchup but I learnt there are some weird and wonderful ways of enjoying Heinz. This solidify's the Heinz brand message that whatever your favourite food may be (and in this case bananas on toast)... ‘It has to be Heinz’.
How can Heinz convince people that their favourite foods can only be enjoyed with their favourite ketchup? Through focusing on quirky Heinz and food combinations, (using bananas and ketchup as my inspiration), I was able to create a simple and humorous campaign using typically American foods such as: hot-dogs, pancakes and doughnuts, to emphasise the brand message that whatever food you may like... “It has to be Heinz“. ​​​​​​​
In terms of advertisement and placement I envisage this being a still campaign, placed around: the underground, at bus stations and also on billboards, to be focused on the strong imagery and posters; however, there is an opportunity for a video or GIF of the ketchup pouring to be used alongside the images. ​​​​​​​

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